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Welcome to Minidisc Switzerland
MiniDisc Switzerland offers you all information you need about MiniDisc in English and German. Introduced by Sony in 1992, MiniDisc became very popular around the world. MiniDisc was not thought to be a replacement for CD, it should be a supplement and it will replace the tape.

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Frauenarzt oder Frauenärztin in Altendorf - Frauenpraxis am Kreisel eröffnet am 13. August 2014!
10.02.07Bendicht Luginbühl übernimmt das Ruder bei Ringier für Chartradio
08.08.00The latest portables are added. More additions on the database will be done soon.
19.04.00The next bigger database update is in work and will be published in a week.
05.02.00For German visitors: Falls Sie sich für Handies auch so interessieren wie für MiniDisc, besuchen Sie unsere Partnerseite
21.12.99Added Sony-MiniDisc- and Pioneer-Skins for WinAMP, the most popular MP3 player, in the "Software-Section".
20.12.99"Equipment Browser" has been updated, 282 entries now. Also the selection of the unit is a bit more confortable.
15.12.99"Equipment Browser" has been updated, over 260 entries now.
Added "Lightest Deck" and "Smallest Deck" to the "Top 10 Lists".
German version "MiniDisc Schweiz" is in work.
11.12.99New design and fixed some problems in "Known Problems List".
04.12.99New version of "Known Problems List" is online. Now you can add remarks to problems which other users have experienced. We want to offer you the most complete list of problems of MiniDisc equipment. If you have experience with some problems which are not in this list, please fill out my form to add your entry.
"Top 10 Lists" have been updated with some more rankings (projection area and different playing times)
"Equipment Browser" with 224 entries now, and we are still getting more in the database!
02.12.99"Top 10 Lists" have been created. Find i. e. the 10 smallest Portable Players or the 10 lightest Portable Recorders.
"Equipment Browser" has been updated. 164 units now in the database. We are still adding more.
30.11.99"Equipment Browser" has been updated with Sony products. 147 units now in the Equipment Database, and we will add more the next days.
28.11.99"Known Problems List" has been updated. Also, some little fixes are made and you can navigate in the title, i. e. if you are in the "Equipment Browser" and looking for "Sony MDS-JB930", you see in the title "MiniDisc Equipment > Decks > Sony MDS-JB930". By clicking on "Decks", you can go back to the list of the decks.
24.11.99"MiniDisc Market" has been created. If you are looking for something or if you want to sell something just fill out the form you your announcement will be automaticly online.
"Equipment Browser" has been updated, 88 entries now and more functions.
23.11.99"Equipment Browser" has been updated with the latest Kenwood entries and more functions. Bug in "Known Problems List" has been fixed.
21.11.99"Discussion Forum" has been created, feel free to discuss about MiniDisc in this forum.
21.11.99"Known Problems List" has been updated, 82 entries now.
20.11.99"Equipment Browser" has been updated, 43 entries now. More will come soon.
19.11.99First version of the "Equipment Browser" has been released. Right now only 29 entries, but I will upgrade and enhance his soon.
08.11.99Remake of After one year, there is finally a new update. The contents are not all online yet, but will be published soon. The German version will follow too.

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